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June 07, 2010



So, who do you think this poem was about?


J - No idea!There were a number of women of that age that could have fit the bill. I don't think he was quite vicious enough to write about just one woman; I think he made a mash-up of several so he could tell each that he didn't mean THEM, dear. But I'm not stuck to this idea - what do you think? Or do you know some juicy tidbit of fact?


I went through a list of suspects and crossed out HD (working together) and Maud Gonne (he hadn't met Yeats yet), but wonder if it might not be Margaret Cravens. The London bit makes it tricky.

Odd note: when I was a kid in university I kept running into people who had met or knew Pound. It seemed so random that I started a collection of anecdotes about him, which still linger about in my head ;-).


J - I smell a fascinating blog post! Oh, PLEASE write it!

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