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March 29, 2010



Oh my oh my what I would not give to know what makes people fall out of like.

I suspect it is just some kind of alignment that makes people like each other in the first place, in almost all cases. Little proximity/similarity things. These can become misaligned quickly.

The odd thing is that there are many people who I have no interest in continual contact with but whom I am deeply fond of. There are lots of people I want to love from afar--almost everyone, in fact.


I like my doctor because she generally gives me the most hopeless diagnoses possible.

And I forget what I wanted out of the cellar by the time I get there. And have called my kid by the tortoise's name.


I think when we were kids we had no idea of how many numbers we'd have to learn along the way. Now that we've met so many, perhaps we've lost that will to remember?

I do love the practical nature of doctors and forms here.

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