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January 04, 2010



Food should be tasted before salted or doused. Attempts at kitchen cleanup before the meal is served must be authorized by the cook. Fresh vegetables lightly seasoned are not "boring".

ps--enjoyed the Raymond Carver allusion!


Cooking: We would disagree only in the preparation time. Some meals deserve more than an hour to prepare. Plus, some podcasts I listen to while cooking are longer than an hour.

Washing Dishes: Unfortunately that which is ideal and that which is real are often very different things.


Corbin - Good catch! You know how much I like Raymond Chandleeerrrr...Carver. And I agree with you: People who consider good food simply seasoned or unseasoned to be boring are projecting.


S- Everything is an ideal, here, for me, and all ideals have real exceptions (rinsing pasta in cold water before making pasta salad is of course fine) and real world exceptions ("I didn't have time to do all the dishes b/c: EMERGENCY"), but these are the issues that seem to come up more than those exceptions should allow.


I simply meant that ideally I wouldn't have to do the dishes when I cook, but in reality I do. ^_^

Lake Boggan

Eggs should always be basted or scrambled in real butter (period)

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