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January 22, 2010



I think the school could talk about it. Facebook is huge in the Czech Republic and it has gotten so in such a short time (from 300k to 2 million people in the last 12 months) that I'm guessing schools haven't realized the ramifications yet. But they will shortly so better to have it pointed out to them now before the kids get hurt. They talk about drugs to first graders. Why not facebook to 5th?


Julia- Did you see this:

It's clearly not just kids who are unaware of using caution in what information they're putting out. How much information does this sicko have from the people that joined, I wonder. And what are they going to use it for? Thanks for thinking I should take it to the school - that will be fun, huh?


I wouldn't put the sole burden on the school. I would call or email the kids' parents. Seriously. Random Internet predators preying on, for example, kids playing on Poptropica are not as prevalent as news media would have us think BUT kids posting stuff like that on sites like FB and mySpace are exactly the sorts of target the predators zoom in on.

My kids are too young for FB but when they are old enough and want an acct, they will be required to friend me so I can check up on them.


Babelbabe - I think the burden should be on the parents, not the school, but if the parents are ignorant, then the school could at least alert them to their ignorance? I'm pretty internet-savvy, but I do get that it's not necessarily the norm. Thanks for weighing in, though. I can talk to some of the parents personally, anyway.


The burden s/b on the parents. It would be smart, though, for someone to point out potential problems to them. The school is a good candidate. No way would I talk to parents myself, unless they were friends.

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