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April 16, 2008



Smiling at all of it.

Hoping my stubborn kid can be equally smart when she is that age.


What a book - I'm looking forward to reading it to C in a few years myself. How does the South, and its slow, very slow ways, translate for Squire? (I ask having grown up in those ways, and wondering how hard they will be to explain to Caroline when she gets older).


Julia: It's a little weird. Some things need more explaining for him than they might for a U.S.-raised child, but then I might have the same problems with a kid from Seattle. He is able to parallel it to some things here, and to things he's seen when we've visited southern Maryland (my hometown), and come up with a reasonably complex picture. Though it is a translation, as you say.


He caved in quite a logical manner.... hehe

captain oddsocks

I'll have a shot at the sports thing.
The combined fifth grade might be little like playing for your country.
Olomouc and Brno players can be sworn enemies all year, but when it's time to pull on the national jersey and play against the Russians...
Unfortunately the new fifth grade might need an appropriate villain to unite against.

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