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January 13, 2008



I remember trying to read Hollinghurst's The Swimming Pool Library and just, plain, giving up on its excruciating pace, so I concur, completely, with your wondering if he ever actually goes anywhere.

In the laundry room of my building is a makeshift "library" of books which my neighbours and I feel might be of interest to each other. The Line of Beauty has been sitting there for months and, while I'm curious as to who deposited it there, I am in no way curious enough to actually take it back to my apartment and read it. I have, on the other hand, considered talking it and trying to sell it at a used book store.

That I have neither read it nor taken and sold it speaks volumes, I think.

And I think I'm in love. If I ever hear anyone clapping at the title of a movie in a theatre, I shall look around for you. I hate being the only one.

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