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November 06, 2006



What about Hoši od bobří řeky? I was recommended to read that one myself.


Perhaps more so than what is being read - the actual being together and reading, exchanging ideas and laughing is what will stay with him.


That whole donkeyhole-Don Quixote riff - brilliant. Made me laugh out loud in public. AND it's clever. Thank you.


I remember being Kein's age and thinking the same thing about myself (incorrectly, I now believe--but no one ever liked me ENOUGH...for me anyway). It's so hard to see anything as temporary when you are young. Or to transcend your current perspective. I wonder if that is because when we are young we carry around such idealized visions in our head of how life should be. It's what makes childhood magical and horrible at the same time. But of course there are so many things that make it hard!

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