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November 27, 2006



Good on Kein for not letting the bullies intimidate him ...


So sorry to hear about this. Bullying is such a big problem at that age in the US. I think you are handling it well, and Kein sounds like such a cool kid. If I were there i'd take you out for a drink, too.


Your situation is my worst fear realized. I have two daughters and though I fear my second daughter would be the bully, I do not fear that she would stick up for herself against a bully. But my oldest daughter, my first born, is so sensitive and at times so closed off I fear this would happen to her and that we wouldn't handle it well. Especially that she wouldn't talk about it with me.
It sounds like you are handling it perfectly and good for you for raising a kind, strong, confident boy. In our school (we're in Canada) there is a very strict no bully policy and they begin in kindergarten teaching them to resolve conflict with words and the help of an adult if need be, and to stick up for eachother in the face of a bully.

If I were there I'd take you for a drink and Kein for an ice cream at the very least.

May the army of Kein grow ever strong, ever larger until we all realize the value in eachother and in our differences.


I am impressed with both of you. Way to make the most of a bad situation and keep your heads on your shoulders.

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