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I’m a US citizen living in the Czech Republic. Tuckova is the name of the street where I live with a fascinating and clever boy (not really named Squire Tuck) and a remarkably stupid but very soft cat (actually named Seuss). I named the site "Tuckova" cause it is funny to have my real address and my ether address be the same.

I'm an editor, which means I get to spend my days making the crooked straight and crushing down uneven places. Even though I'm an articulate defender of the serial comma, sometimes I don't capitalize properly. This is the equivalent of finding some "dress for success" person in their jammies- it seems incongruous, but it does happen. I never mean to cause you any pain.

The purpose of this journal is so that I can write obsessively about my life, possibly improving my writing –or at least clarifying my thinking– along the way. I tend to write other people into the ground. This way, if people don’t want to know what’s going on in my wee pointy head, they can just skip this. Meanwhile, my relationships can be more about the people who write and speak to me (like a conversation) and less about me me me (like a monologue). This onanistic screed is my monologue, then.

Oh, also: I want to be really famous for my dazzling style and my razor sharp wit. And loved. I just want to be loved by you, and nobody else but you.


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